Bathroom Remodeling Peoria, AZ

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Standard & Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Peoria, AZ

A standard bathroom remodel should work just fine if you are renovating your bathroom with affordable materials. Luxury bathroom remodeling includes updating your bathroom with high-quality materials such as granite or marble countertops, etc.

Standard & Luxury Bathroom Remodels

Shower Remodeling Peoria, AZ

Looking for shower remodeling services in Peoria, AZ? We can help with that too. Whether you need a tub to shower conversion, shower to tub conversion, new shower doors, new shower tile flooring, or anything else, Allure Bath Remodeling is here to help! We can also help with custom Bathroom Shower Enclosures.

Walk in Tubs Peoria, AZ

Swinging your legs over the bathtub may be hard for stiff joints. Walk-in tubs provide an answer for a homeowner who loves a calming soak but desires easy entry. Walk-in tubs, however, are not widely used within the United States and may be tough to locate.

ADA recommendations suggest that lavatories be 17-19 inches tall, measured to the top of the seat. Many new toilets match those standards, but there are some methods to adjust the peak of your toilet without replacing it.

Thicker bathroom seats are the very best and least steeply-priced choice for adding height to the bathroom. With a better bathroom seat, you may with ease lower yourself, stand, or switch from a wheelchair to the toilet.

If you don’t want a thick toilet seat and don’t feel like replacing a whole toilet, then you may purchase a platform to be installed below the toilet that will raise it several inches.

Allure Bathroom Remodeling offers walk-in tubs installation in Peoria, AZ, and surrounding areas.

Walk In Tub Coversions or Bathtub Conversions For Seniors

Custom Bathroom Vanities Peoria, AZ

Your bathroom vanity is one of the most important pieces for decorating or enhancing your bathroom. We can provide 100’s of custom vanity options, most in real wood and precious stones and glass.

Whether you need a Custom bathroom vanity or a standar one, we can provide your ideal vanity in many options, like Traditional, Contemporary, Classical, Modern, Minimalist, etc. And most of them ready to install. We offer free delivery with your installation, and we will do all fixtures and plumbing.

Choose from single sink vanitiesdouble sink vanitiessmall vanitiesmedium vanities or large bathroom vanities. We have custom designs we have created already for previous customers or you can choose to design your own custom bathroom vanity from scratch. Choose your custom bathroom vanity Top, Mirrors, Legs, Drawers, Cabinets, Hardware, Style and more.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Tub to Shower Conversions Peoria, AZ

The biggest request in recent years is tub to shower conversions. We will custom design your ideal bath with both you and your loved ones in mind.

Be sure to review various alternatives and safety accessories to create a new bath that is safe and beautiful at the same time. We have the solution.

We will make your bath new again and provide you with the safety products needed to protect you or your loved ones from accidents that can happen in the bathroom. Protect your family with the right bath at the perfect price.

Our tub-to-shower installations usually only take 1 day to complete with acrylic solutions. We also build traditional shower pans in porcelain, natural stone, tumbled marble, cultured marble, travertine, or ceramic.

Total Safety Bathtub Conversion, Including:

Custom Bathtub Entrance

Safety Bathtub Entry Doors

Safety Bath Grab Bars

Safety Bathtub Grab Bars

Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures

Safety Bathtub Frameless Glass

Safety Bath Shower Seats

Safety Bathtub Shower Seats

Custom Flooring Options

Safety Bathtub Tile Flooring


Safety Bathtub Toilets

Custom Shower Heads

Safety Bathtub Shower Head

Custom Sinks

Safety Bathtub Sinks

Custom Water Faucets

Safety Bathtub Sink

Other Safety Bath Accessories:

  • Side Boards
  • Vanities and Vanity Tops
  • Licensed Plumbing
  • Tower Bars
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling
  • Shower Towers
  • Mirrors
  • & other accessories

Tub To Shower Conversions

Handicap Bathrooms Peoria, AZ

When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, you need to account for accessibility.

When it comes to remodeling homes for the physically challenged, most of them are wheelchair bound. You need to assess the needs of the client and make sure that the bathroom fits their needs. Below are accessibility guidelines for a bathroom that will function well and look great, no matter who uses it.

Toilet Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ  
Walk In Tub Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ
Bathroom Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ
Bathtub Conversions For Seniors In Cave Creek AZ
Before and after bathtub conversions for seniors in Cave Creek Arizona

ADA Accessible Baths

About our Bathroom Remodeling Company in Peoria, AZ

Allure Bath Remodeling presents you with an alternative to worn out bathtubs, outdated tile walls, and dingy showers bases. After all, it’s easier to enjoy a long soak and refreshing shower when you are surrounded by a fresh new bathtub, wall or shower enclosures.

If you’re thinking to yourself. “I want to update my bathroom,” Allure Bath Remodeling is here for you and can transform your old bathroom into an inviting retreat from life’s daily stress. Allure Bath Remodeling has remodeled 1,000+ bathrooms in the Phoenix, Arizona area alone.

How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Peoria, AZ?

On average, the cost to remodel a bathroom in Peoria, AZ is about $10,601, with average prices ranging from $6,740 to $12,750 in 2019 according to HomeAdvisor.

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