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Toilet Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ  
Walk In Tub Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ
Bathroom Remodeling Before & After Cave Creek AZ
Bathtub Conversions For Seniors In Cave Creek AZ
Before and after bathtub conversions for seniors in Cave Creek Arizona

When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, you need to account for accessibility.

When it comes to remodeling homes for the physically challenged, most of them are wheelchair bound. You need to assess the needs of the client and make sure that the bathroom fits their needs. Below are accessibility guidelines for a bathroom that will function well and look great, no matter who uses it.

Total Safety Bathtub Conversion, Including:

Custom Bathtub Entrance

Safety Bathtub Entry Doors

Safety Bath Grab Bars

Safety Bathtub Grab Bars

Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures

Safety Bathtub Frameless Glass

Safety Bath Shower Seats

Safety Bathtub Shower Seats

Custom Flooring Options

Safety Bathtub Tile Flooring


Safety Bathtub Toilets

Custom Shower Heads

Safety Bathtub Shower Head

Custom Sinks

Safety Bathtub Sinks

Custom Water Faucets

Safety Bathtub Sink

Other Safety Bath Accessories:

  • Side Boards
  • Vanities and Vanity Tops
  • Licensed Plumbing
  • Tower Bars
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling
  • Shower Towers
  • Mirrors
  • & other accessories


All doors need to be at least 34 inches wide and need to have levers instead of knobs, this include the door to the bathroom as well as the doors to other rooms. There needs to be a 5 foot turning radius for wheelchairs according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the space is tight, remodelers may do more with less. The 5 foot turning radius may not always be needed, especially when it comes to an electric wheelchair which easily turns.

Curbless Shower Stalls:

The shower stall needs to be at least 3 feet deep by 5 feet wide with no curb. If the client is insisting on a curb, then simply use a rubber on that the wheelchair can roll over. Many clients will transfer to a wheeled shower chair, but having built in shower seats can be a possibility. You can start sloping the floor towards the drain at least 6 inches outside of the shower curtain, if there is one. Most European showers are open, and often the same style as used in high end baths within the United States.

Handheld Shower:

You should begin the slider bar for the shower hose and head at least 4 feet off the floor so that they head is able to go up to 6 feet high. You should use a shower valve that will be thermostatically controlled as well as pressure balanced that way no client will get scalded. If the client would like a full body wash, then you may include a regular shower head. In order to keep it from looking like an institution, grab the bars that are colored instead of chrome.

Clearance Beneath The Sink:

You should plan to have at least 27 inches under the sink for wheelchairs. The sink top needs to be at least 34 inches tall. You can get a trap that will go back towards the wall or even into the wall. You can also fit the faucets on the sides of the sink to make them easier to reach or install motion detected faucets. Hang the mirror low enough for a seated person to see themselves or you can simply tip the top of the mirror out.

Toilet Placement:

The toilet needs to be positioned between support bars that are 36 inches apart. Toilet seats that are 17 inches tall will be more comfortable for all people. If it can be afforded get a combination bidet/toilet.

Accessible Bathroom Design Options

Whenever mobility is an issue, a homeowner will often debate if they should move into a home that is more accessible. But, there are a few simple updates that can be done to any bathroom to make it more comfortable for years to come.

Seats In The Shower

This is an inexpensive option that will let the bath be more accessible. Small, plastic chairs or stools are a great option to consider because they can be removed if needed.

Built in benches or seats is another option to consider if you are remodeling or building an accessible bath. The ADA standards have recommended placing built in bench on the wall or fold down seats that are attached to the wall if you have a small shower.

Handheld Showerhead

In order to accommodate a seated or standing bather, install a hand-held showerhead that has a 60-inch hose. This gives flexibility as your needs change and is an exceptional addition to any shower.

Grab Bars

Grab bars near the shower, toilet or bathtub make it easier to use existing furnishings. Adding grab bars inside the proper locations offers stability as well as support, however would not require a main remodeling.

If you’re worried that snatch bars will detract out of your decor, you’ll be satisfied to understand numerous groups produce grasp bars that are not simplest useful however stunning. Producers including Kohler,Rohl, Moen, and Jaclooffer grab bars in a selection of styles and finishes.

Universal Access Showers

Many showers have a recessed or raised threshold, but this type of ledge may cause issues for individuals moving into and out of the bath. Normal universal access showers haven’t any raised accesses, are a superb alternative for those with mobility issues, and nevertheless direct water correctly down the drain.

Many familiar access showers are custom-designed, however there are a few showers that may be effortlessly hooked up in your house.

Walk-In Tubs

Swinging your legs over the bathtub may be hard for stiff joints. Walk-in bathtubs provide an answer for a home owner who loves a calming soak but desires easy entry. Walk-in tubs, however, are not widely used within the United States and may be tough to locate.

ADA recommendations suggest that lavatories be 17-19 inches tall, measured to the top of the seat. Many new toilets match those standards, but there are some methods to adjust the peak of your toilet without replacing it.

Thicker bathroom seats are the very best and least steeply-priced choice for adding height to the bathroom. With a better bathroom seat you may with ease lower yourself, stand, or switch from a wheelchair to the toilet.

If you don’t want a thick toilet seat, and don’t feel like replacing a whole toilet, then you may purchase a platform to be installed below the toilet that will raise it several inches.

Hands Free Faucets

Hands free or single handle faucets make it easier than ever to use the bathroom. Having a single handled faucet will make it easy to turn and adjust the water flow without having to twist the wrist or grasping. Makers like Kohler and Delta have made hands free faucets that are using a sensor to detect your hands, similar to what you would find in a public bathroom.

Lower Light Switches

Easy to miss, light switches can play a major role in creating an accessible bath. First, don’t forget to lower the light switches so they might be accessible to a wheelchair bound Second, install switches that are massive toggles or that have a push button that does not require a pinching motion to turn off and on.

Simple adjustments could make a large difference for owners who desire to live in their homes for years.

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Review:Before we needed our remodel we got bids from several different companies and decided to stick with well known companies and were a little leery of using a handyman type person to do the complete remodel of 2 of our bathrooms in our house. We got a very prominent company that always advertises on KTAR and we know that they did good work. The sent out a design person and came up with great ideas, right up until the quote..

We told them our budget to start with but there quote was about $15K higher than what we wanted, which irritated me to no end. We asked them what we needed to do to get it back in budget and everything went from high-end to super low-end and turned out to be nothing of what we wanted. This was not what we wanted!! I decided to look elsewhere , I picked up my cell phone and found Allure and looked at the pictures of work that he had done and liked what I saw. I called the number and talked to John (Houser) about giving us a bid. He came out to the house and I told him what I wanted to have done and told him of the other company that gave us a bid. I simply asked John what he could do that would keep us in our budget. He looked at it and simply said “everything”.

I was in shock at first, and then I was really angry at the other firm and felt like they were really going to try advantage of me. In retrospect, dealing with Allure was one of the greatest decisions we ever made. John turned out to be a hands-on owner and monitored all aspects of the remodel. The crew always kept us informed, always showed up on time and offered suggestions along the way that really made the experience so enjoyable. If you are thinking of a remodel, give John a call and I am positive that you will never regret it. It’s been over a year since the bathrooms have been completed and my wife still comes out after her bath (in our nice new jetted tub) and says how much she just loves what Allure has done, and I love the fact that he kept his word, stayed on budget and everything was very professional from top-to-bottom. Thanks John for everything you’ve done.Dennis K

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